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In our blog series focused on understanding your customer, we covered:

  1. Step 1: Finding and understanding your data sources
  2. Step 2: Identifying the big question(s) your organization needs to answer
  3. Step 3: Organizing your data to effectively interpret it

Now that you have all your data in place, it’s time for the final step: Take action by analyzing results, putting insights into practice, and planning the next iteration of data discovery:

  • Develop a plan for testing theories, collecting feedback, and evaluating findings, and then determine if your business should take your initial “big question” to the next logical level or investigate entirely new questions to further understand your customer.
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure your business’s success or failure. KPIs should be tied to clear business objectives. These valuable data points will help your business measure its performance, which will help drive strategic decisions for your company.
  • Continually improve your process to better understand your customer and to make your business a stronger organization. Take the learnings and findings from each data discovery and use them to enhance your next data analysis initiative.

Becoming a data-driven organization is an iterative process that can be executed with existing resources by gathering key stakeholders, information owners, process champions and end users to develop a system for collecting, querying, and analyzing data and putting insights into action.

The key to getting started is taking the first steps. It’s also important to find the right approach and partner for your company that will accelerate your efforts, reduce headaches and incorporate a level of expertise and standardization to enable organization-wide transformation.

There’s a wealth of data sitting in every organization. The opportunity is yours to bring it to light and put it to work for you. Do you know your customer?

Download this white paper designed to help you understand how to turn your raw data into accessible, actionable insights from virtually any source within your organization. Get started today!

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