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A lot of us SEO professionals have been struggling with Google reputation rank and getting websites with new URL's to rank quickly. In fact we all pretty much use the same strategy with new URL's.

  • Build a marketing site with unique content and get it up on the web today
  • Start building links from other authority websites
  • Then build out the true website and wait out the so called "sand box"

Well here's an interesting observation. We have a client who is building out a ton of new regional websites with unique content and their sites are starting to rank much quicker then I thought normally possible. As it turns out, as soon as a sites launches we fire up a comprehensive adwords campaign. These sites are completely finished when they go live. The thing that has amazed me is how quickly the sites are starting to rank for fairly competitive terms in Google. I'm not suggesting they are ranking number one, but they are ranking in the top 30 spots 45 days after we upload them (and the rankings are not dropping shortly thereafter). Maybe there is more to the adwords bot that originally thought. Please feel free to comment or send me an email if you have had a similar experience.


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