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Monday again? Already? Yep, and another roundup. We also started work on our new office, and you can find pictures of the pre-work state of it on our Facebook page.

This week we have tips to build a community, some great png optimization techniques, great billboards, and more html5.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • Less educational, more cute. Grockdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcom has a bunch of great billboard ads. Worthy of note? Great use of copy, and examples of how you can use that same copy in your web marketing.
  • Got this one from Twitter this week, a “top 7” list of community building ideas. The difference is that these are actually pretty good. 7 Sensible Strides Toward A Stronger Community


 Web Analytics
  • Another Smashingmagazine post? Yes, it is! A Guide to Google Analytics and Useful Tools. Unlike our Power User Guide, this is pretty much just a compilation of other people’s posts, but its still a great resource. Make sure to keep it bookmarked.
  • Did you know that GA tracked bookmark visits? I didn’t. Epikone covers how Google tracks them.

 Web Usability

 Miscellaneous links of the week:

  • Graphs can be highly functional tools, which is one of the reasons that its so pathetic that theyre usually so bad. Seth Godin goes over a few ways to make graphs work.
  • Maybe its a result of the “twitter generation”, or a means of playing with minimalism, but Single-Serving Websites [that] Make A Tweet Look Rich In Content are springing up all over the place…