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Monday again? Already? Yep, and another roundup. We also started work on our new office, and you can find pictures of the pre-work state of it on our Facebook page.

This week we have tips to build a community, some great png optimization techniques, great billboards, and more html5.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • Less educational, more cute. Grockdotcomdotcomdotcomdotcom has a bunch of great billboard ads. Worthy of note? Great use of copy, and examples of how you can use that same copy in your web marketing.
  • Got this one from Twitter this week, a “top 7” list of community building ideas. The difference is that these are actually pretty good. 7 Sensible Strides Toward A Stronger Community


 Web Analytics
  • Another Smashingmagazine post? Yes it is! A Guide to Google Analytics and Useful Tools. Unlike our Power User Guide, this is pretty much just a compilation of other peoples posts, but its still a great resource. Make sure to keep it bookmarked.
  • Did you know that GA tracked bookmark visits? I didn’t. Epikone covers how Google tracks them.

 Web Usability

 Miscellaneous links of the week:


State of Digital Marketing Analytics

The 2020 State of Digital Marketing Analytics examines the marketing technology that supports the world's most successful enterprises and highlights the challenges and strategies for navigating the new normal..