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Summer, its oooooovvvveeeerrrrr. The weather is cooling off, the clouds are coming, and soon I’ll have to go shopping for raincoats, or else buy a bus pass.

In the blog world we have loads of stories from across the spectrum, including how Google ranks blogs, debugging GA tags, and hacking quantum cryptography with lasers.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • We start the week with Bill Slawski over at SEO by the Sea, talking about how Google may rank blogs. Interestingly this patent seems focused on how to rank blogs, instead of blog posts.
  • Next up, Huo Mah on Google’s new social gaming strategy (yes, you heard that right). If you haven’t been following it, Eric Schmidt has invested over 2 mil in social gaming, Google has bought Slide, Jambool, and invested in ngmoco, while developing a social media platform known as “Google Me”.
  • Google has confirmed GPU acceleration in Chrome 7, making GPU use three for three now amongst the major browsers. Their implementation is interesting though, actually splitting page elements, breaking them down, then handing them off to the GPU.
  • Next up, something slightly less related to our standard technology section, but simply too cool to pass up: hackers have found a way to crack quantum cryptographic systems while leaving no sign of a hack. And they do it with lasers. Using lasers to hack quantum cryptography, this is total geek candy.
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