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Firefox + Google Analytics = Power

One of the best reasons to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer is that Firefox has a vast array of useful browser extensions. Some of these Firefox extensions were made for Google Analytics, which has made Firefox vital to GA power users.
The extensions that I am referring to are:

  • WASP
    WASP is the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a specialized Firefox extension aimed at analytics professionals who want to do evaluate how their web analytics solution is implemented and working.
    For those interested, Brian Katz has written a blog post about WASP with much more detail.

  • Goal Copy
    The Google Analytics Goal Copy Firefox extension allows users to copy goal settings from one GA profile to another profile.

  • Google Analytics Notes
    With GA Notes you can add notes, edit notes, and delete notes to your Google Analytics account, for more insight. Notes can also be exported in XML format for archival purposes.

  • Better Google Analytics
    The Better Google Analytics Firefox extension uses a compilation of Greasemonkey userscripts made by various authors which allow users to:
    • Auto access your GA account.
    • Export reports to Google Docs.
    • Convert percent values to absolute values in tables.
    • Quickly compare the current date range against the same range last year.
    • Sort visible table rows.
    • View social media metrics on ‘Content Detail’ reports.

  • Is Google Analytics Installed?
    Is Google Analytics Installed? is a handy little tool if you want to do a spot check on a handful of pages, or if you just want to be alerted when a site you visit has Google Analytics installed.

Original posted on Erik Vold’s Blog: Firefox Extensions That Make Google Analytics Better!