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Not too long ago if you wanted to show a search ad on Google with something other than basic text you were limited to the Google Content Network.  But Google has been expanding the options on the Search Network and there are several search ad formats now available for you to chose.  Here are some of the formats and why you should be using them.

Ad Sitelinks

Allows for 4 links in addition to the ad header to pages on your site.

Google AdWords ad format - ad sitelinks

Use Ad Sitelinks to present the searcher with more options and potentially get them to the exact page on your site that they need thereby increasing the chances of a conversion.  Perfect for highlighting promotions, seasonal items, or new features.

Product Plusbox Enhancement

Links to your Google Merchant Account to show product images, pricing and descriptions.

Google AdWords Search Network Plusbox Ad

If you are running an e-commerce store there is no reason you should not be running Product Plusbox ads.  By allowing the customer to see a selection of your products along with pricing that are relevant to their search you are increasing your chances of getting the conversion.

Location Extensions

Attach your business address along with a map and driving directions.

Google AdWords Search Network Location Extention Ad

If you are a local business you can use the Location Extension ad to make your business stand out above the competition.  Let the searchers know they have the right location before they ever click on your ad.  This will help ensure you are getting the most relevant traffic from your ads.

Local Ads with Multiple Locations

For businesses with multiple locations attach your business address along with a map pinpointing each location in the searchers area.

Google Adwords Search Network Multiple Location Ad

Use these ads to promote chain businesses where there may be several locations to chose from in a customer’s local area.  Let the customer know they have options and you are nearby wherever they may be before they ever get to your site.

Using Google’s varied search ad formats can improve your conversion rate by getting more information in front of searchers so that they click on your ad and convert on your site.  Test different formats to find what works best for your business.