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After months and months of work and weeks in the recording studio with the wonderful team at, the Google Website Optimizer: Essential Training online video course has been released!

View the Course at

This training takes users through nearly 4 hours of training and includes topics ranging from an overview of conversion testing to testing with dynamic content across multiple pages and domains. Here are some of the topics that made the final cut that I like the best:

  • Using tools like Google Analytics, ClickTale, KISS Metrics and more to find problems on your site that need testing
  • Planning your experiment from estimating sample size to understanding when to use A/B and Multivariate tests
  • The inner workings of Google Website Optimizer
  • Live demos (including the code) for both A/B and Multivariate tests
  • Interpreting the reports and taking the data farther
  • Integrating with Google Analytics to see impact on any metric or segment you’re tracking

Thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and resources to this project – it was truly a pleasure for all of us at WebShare to work with the team on this!

Below is the YouTube teaser, or if you’d like to see the full course you can find it at