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Original posted on Erik Vold’s Blog

This is a really simple idea and would save a lot of people a lot of time. The idea is add alerts to Google Website Optimizer; the alerts could be configurable (I’ll get to this), and you would have the option of receiving the alert via email, or by rss feed. When I say that the alerts should be configurable, I mean that we should be able to schedule an alert every day, week, or month (or every x days starting on Friday; you get the idea.), and we should get an alert when the test has found a statistically significant result (ie the test is done). Also, for a more advanced option, we could schedule alerts for every x visit/conversion updates, and I’m sure others can come up with more.

This would save every user of the product a lot of time, because currently the only way find out that a combination has won, or to simply get updates on a test that is running, everyone has to log-in to Google Website Optimizer, find the test, and click view report, which can get extremely tiresome over time.

A great alternative to this would simply be an API, and HTTP Targets (which would allow you to have gwo test information sent to an external source, like your personal, or your company’s, custom API).

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