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Father holding damaged smart phone and his little daughter in background

Millennial dads are fast becoming a digital marketer’s dream. They are taking on bigger roles at home and turning to the internet to navigate their way through a sea of questions related to parenthood.

Father holding damaged smart phone and his little daughter in background

Google’s article, Millennial Dads Turn to Digital in Their Moments of Needillustrates the plight of young fathers who not only want to be  more involved parents than their own fathers, but who want to do it really, really well:

88% of millennial dads feel it’s at least somewhat important to be the ‘perfect dad,’ a higher percentage than millennial moms.

From deciding which stroller to buy, to dressing minor wounds and setting up a choo-choo-train, dads are having what Google calls an ‘I-want-to-know/do/buy’ moment on a regular basis and their mobile phone is the device of choice more often than not.

… mobile, baby-related how-to searches are growing 49% YoY

As a father of two young children, I can relate. And while it’s likely that the vast amount of parenting information online has a little to do with the boom in fatherly engagement, there’s still work to be done to further engage fathers over mothers, who have long been a top marketing demographic.

The article cites a BabyCenter study published this month in which 58% of respondents say there’s not enough dad-focused content online and 69% say they wish there was more parenting content available for dads online.

Online marketers, this represents nothing but opportunity: Read the article here.

And to all my fellow dads, millennial or old-school: Happy Father’s Day to you.