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Lot’s of news on the tech front this week, not the least of which being Google rolling out two new tags. I wonder what kind of effect these will have with scrapers. Lets say you include the tag somewhere in a post, and some one scrapes it. Normally a scrapper won’t take header data, will it? So basically this is great for allowing people who already are crediting you, but not much else.

Anyhow, beyond the attribution tags we’ve got the basics of CS3 transitions, Google Instant Preview counting as pageviews, and whether “I think” or “I feel” persuades people more.

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  • Google has implemented two new tags, targeted at integration with Google news. The first is Syndication-source which indicated the preferred URL for a syndicated article, allowing syndicators to denote which is an original source. The second, original-source, points to the source  that first broke the story. The two might seem similar to me.
  • Adage (and it’s retarded pay wall) have a story on Youtube’s new pre-roll ads. Google plans to implement a “skip ad” feature for Youtube videos. Following in the “adwords” style skipped ads will be be charged to advertisers.
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