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It’s October again. Seems like only last week I was complaining about September. This week The Social Network opened up (that’s the Facebook movie) and Lawrence Lessig says it’s Evil. Can’t wait to see that on its poster: “wonderful entertainment. But its message is actually kind of Evil” – Lawrence Lessig

This week we’ve got a host of stories from Google’s own guide to SEO, the release of WebP, dark patterns, and more.

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  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • PSKL has released a paper on iPhone application privacy issues stemming from the transmission of a unique device identifier (UDID) from each device to the application developer. They found that 68% of free applications on the top App Store lists were transmitting identifiers back to their developers.
  • ReadWriteWeb reports that Twitter is now selling promoted tweets. For $100,000 you too can buy the top spot on Twitters search results page, and more. The idea is to allow brands to associate themselves with twitter trends.


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