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Great news for all of us Google Analytics geeks!  A new version of Google Analytics was just announced today at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco.  The new version is currently in public beta and has been made available to a small group of users, and will be gradually deployed to everyone.  You’ll know you’ve been granted access when you see a link that reads “New Version” in the top right of the screen, right next to your login account.

Per Google, the goal of the new version is to enhance the underlying platform for major new functionality in the future, as well as design enhancements to make it easier and faster to work with data.  We’ll have more specifics and a detailed walkthrough soon, but here’s a quick highlight of what was released in the new version.

  • Major upgrade to underlying platform
  • Design revamp
  • Ability to view multiple Advanced Segments, without having to include “All Visits”
  • Multiple dashboards including a revamped dashboard interface!!  (finally!!!)

That’s just a quick list.  We’ll post more details soon.  To expedite getting access to the new version, pay a visit to the beta sign up page.  You can use both versions concurrently and that should help with the learning curve 🙂

Also, here’s a sneak peak at the new UI:





Enjoy 🙂