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Caution, this post definitely contains mature subject matter; reader discretion is advised.

Frustration with the tiny little fields in GA, particularly in Goals and Filters and in the inline filter box reached a climax this weekend.

So I wrote this little Greasemonkey script (below) and called it gaDeAnalyse to remove these anal restrictions.

It increases the size of the in-line filter fields and others by 100% or more – guaranteed.

So, if you too are frustrated and want to increase GA's size, install the script.

Using the 'Note:' above them as a guide, compare these fields and you'll see what I mean. Please also forgive the exaggeration in the sample URLs – its just for more graphic illustration.

But we know that it's more than just size that counts. Unfortunately, GA comes up short when completing on its own. So the script also gives GA a helping hand with auto-completing filter and funnel fields.

LunaMetrics' Goal Copy FF Add-on is great – indispensable – in configuring goals quickly, but sometimes one needs micro value insertion.

Having previous values available in all text fields, whether in Goals, filters, parameter lists, etc is a great time-saver.

CAUTION: you don't want to mess-up by recalling ex-names or previous favorites at the wrong time – so practice safe auto-completion.

Oh! I was on such an innuendo roll, I almost forgot – you will want the script and …

Instructions on installing the script:

  1. Make sure you have Greasemonkey installed in Firefox.
  2. Click on this install link for gaDeAnalyse

  3. Now log-in to your Google Analytics account and enjoy – particularly all you exhibitionists out there who do screencasts and demos of long filter expressions and goal paths.

Bugs and Suggestions:

Please post as comments.


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