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Today, Google Analytics announced the launch of Premium, a paid product that is specifically targeting organizations that have huge amounts of data or require a service level agreement.  The first question most of you have is what does this mean in relation to the free version?  Google has made it very clear that you shouldn’t be worried. They are committed more than ever to the free/standard version.

Google Analytics has spent a huge amount of time developing out the new interface and adding many new features to it.  In the last 3 months alone, we have seen social media tracking and multi-channel funnels added.  I am confident that in the coming months many new impressive features will be coming.

What is Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium looks and feels like Google Analytics Standard Edition, the interface we are all familiar with. It includes more processing power, advanced analysis, and dedicated support.  Below is the list of differences that will only be in Premium

Processing Power

  • Guaranteed processing for up to 1 billion hits per month
  • Faster, intra-day processing for up to 1 billion hits per month
  • Service Level Agreement around data collection, reporting, and processing
  • 99.9% on Collection up-time
  • 99% on Reporting up-time
  • 98% on on-time Data Freshness (within 4 hours)

Advanced Analysis Tools

  • Up to 50 Custom Variable slots
  • Unsampled report downloads for custom report requests
  • Unaggregated report downloads for large report requests (up to 1 million rows per download)

Dedicated Support

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Phone & Email support 10 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Implementation Consultation & Tagging Audit
  • 24/7 Product Emergency Escalation Support, if the product is ever outside of the SLA
As mentioned before Google designed Premium to look and feel very much like the Standard Edition.  There are slight differences in each though.  There will be unsampled downloads available for all reports and custom reports.  Also, you will notice that reports load faster, and that data is available much sooner.

I strongly feel that this is a very strong edition to the Google Analytics offerings.  It is targeted at a very specific audience, who has very complex needs and require high levels of customization.  For, the average Google Analytics user, they will never require these features.  For those that have large data sets and much higher levels of needs, many of their needs can now be met.  If you have any questions about Google Analytics Premium or Google Analytics in general, I encourage you to contact me or leave a comment.