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Google Analytics is a powerful tool.

There are so many screens, features, tools, filters, searches, etc. For the heavy data cruncher, it’s always nice to have a set of shortcuts for quick execution of common tasks. In case you couldn’t find it on the Google Analytics Blog, we laid them out for you.

Here are a list of keyboard shortcuts in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Keyboard Shortcuts

Date Range Shortcuts

d tSet date range to TODAY
d ySet date range to YESTERDAY
d wSet date range to LAST WEEK
d mSet date range to LAST MONTH
d cToggle date comparison mode (to the previous period of whatever you are looking at.
Example, if you’re looking at 6 days, this will compare it to the 6 days before it)
d xToggle date comparison mode (to the previous year of the period you are looking at)

Application Shortcuts

?Open keyboard shortcut help
hSearch help center
aopen account panel
shift + aGo to account list
s /Search reports
shift + dGo to the default dashboard of the current profile

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Some of them not working? If you’re a genius like me, it’s probably because you pressed one of the keys on accident and it took you to the search box. Make sure you are out of the search box when you try these.