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How do you get more traffic to your site from your Google Pay Per Click campaign?

The amount of traffic you get to your site via your Google Adwords campaign depends on the number of impressions your text ad gets and your ad's click- through rate (CTR).

The click-through rate is driven by your ad's position and the persuasiveness of the ad copy. Your click-through rate can have positive or negative feedback on your ads position – i.e. if your ad has a high CTR then it will be rewarded with a higher ad placement for the same cost per click (and vise versa for a low CTR)
The number of impressions your ad receives depends on how often your keyword(s) is searched; your daily budget, and the reputation of your Adwords account with respect to its funding.

Increasing your CTR will get you better click costs and ad position, but what about the reputation of your Adwords account? Its reputation with respect to funding can impact the number of impressions your ads can get assuming your daily budget isn't too low.
We have seen first hand, via recent experimentation that an Adwords account will be given more impressions each week after the account has been successfully billed for its latest charges.

These impressions will not increase forever, and the number of impressions that are available are still limited by the number of searches being done and the limitations of your daily budget. But be aware that when an Adwords account is first set up it will not likely have access to all of the potential impressions until the account has been in good standing for an extended period of time.

This highlights the importance of making sure that your Adwords account is set up to charge a valid credit card that will always have enough available credit to fund the account.


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