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You have decided to migrate from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics 360 as your enterprise analytics platform, and you’ve chosen Tealium iQ as your tag management system. Overall, this is a great opportunity to clean up your analytics implementation by reducing redundant or deprecated elements of your current implementation and realigning data capture to the new analytics platform.

Though definitely complex, this kind of project can be boiled down to a few key processes, aligned with sound data governance, that you can follow to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and maintains – and even improves – your data quality.

Key questions at the start of this process:

  • Are you migrating to Tealium iQ as part of this project, or are you leveraging an existing Tealium iQ implementation?
  • Do you have a robust datalayer in place?
  • Is your datalayer in Universal Data Object (UDO) format?

Are you migrating to Google Analytics and Tealium iQ at the same time, or do you already have Tealium iQ in place?

Download our playbook today as we map out both scenarios.