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When was the last time you checked your website’s link profile? Are all your links pointed to the home page? If the answer is yes then you’ve got some work to do. We all know how important links are, but you need to spread the link love around to help out your internal pages. Strengthening the power of these pages will help get them the visibility that they need to start making you more money.

Building stronger internal pages starts with analyzing what you’re currently working with. You’ll first want to check out which pages are actually acquiring links (tools such as ‘Link Diagnosis’ can help). If you see a trend of particular internal pages gaining links, then you should determine why and find out if this can be applied to any other pages. If none of your internal pages are receiving links, then its time to take a good hard look at the content and the steps needed to improve it.

Weak, generic or uncreative content won’t help you get the link juice that your site needs. If you’re website is full of page after page of average content, you’ll need to spend time beefing it up. You need the pages contained within your site to persuade people to want to use it as a reference. While this is always easier said then done, with a little time, effort and creativity it can be accomplished.

First you should review your competition to find out what they’re doing. This way you can make sure that you’re doing something different to stand out. If you can’t distinguish your site from the rest of the pack, there’s no reason for people to link to you instead of them.

Your next step is to update your pages so that you’re giving visitors compelling content. While not every product or service makes for exciting material, there are a few ideas which you may want to consider. These may include providing product reviews, case studies or a compiled list of valuable industry resources. Post in-depth interviews of industry professionals, opinionated articles or analysis on the latest industry news and technology. Provide your users with downloadable resources, interactive content or useful tools. Whatever product or service your site offers; in order to gain deep links your content needs provide value, demonstrate your authority on the subject and differentiate itself from pages on similar sites.