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Almost every day we are being bombarded by news stories spelling out the end of the real estate boom in the US market. Where there is doom and gloom, there is also opportunity, dont miss your chance to pick up some really nice web properties on the cheap. Let me explain:

Many realtors are decreasing their marketing budgets; PPC, organic SEO, bus stops, you name it, not as many agents can afford it. Well hello opportunity. If you are just starting out or you are an established agent there are plenty of ways to cash in on a down market, even on the web.

You cant buy a new domain name and rank #1 in Google as quickly as you once could. In todays Google you have to invest heavily in your web presence, and play catch up to even crack the top ten. So with so many agents quitting the business and letting their websites die off, keep your eyes open, you can buy their online investment for nickels on the dollar. Think about how much money many of these agents have invested in their web presence, back links, press releases, good will, SEO, bus stops etc. Many realtors are just giving them up for dead. Dont miss an opportunity – you can scoop up these gems, retool them, and gain a major head start all on the cheap.