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Over the course of a month or a year (or it might have just hit you the other day) you may say to yourself, “I need to learn this skill. I need to be dangerous with this tool.” That feeling comes up a lot for the people responsible for marketing and communication of an organization. The reasons are endless.

It could be because you need to show your managers or your boss that your efforts are paying off. It could be because you feel the marketing agency you hired is not putting forth the effort they should be. There are a thousand reasons why a feeling or a circumstance has led you to taking a skills training session, like Google Analytics and/or AdWords training. Once you commit to improving in that area, you have to determine the budget. Once that budget is set, you have to find a trusted company. Once the company is vetted, you have determine the date and location. That’s where we step in to help with the process.

 To Stay or To Go

Some of you might search for a local training session. Others might seek out a destination with some intrigue. It could be a place you never been to or a place you want to go back to. As important as the location is, what is more important is that you have fun while you are training. Nothing is worse than sitting in a boring classroom for 5-8 hours, only to drag yourself back to a hotel room to try to gather yourself for another day of mind-numbing training.

You deserve better. You deserve a classroom that is interactive and fun. You deserve to have an instructor that is energetic and has a sense of humor. You also deserve to have fun outside of the classroom. That’s why a destination location for a training can be so enjoyable. You learn and you explore.

In a couples weeks we are hosting a training session in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since we will be in the second oldest town in the U.S. that averages 300 sunny days a year, we want to shine some light on the fun activities you can do in Santa Fe after a day of CPTA training. You won’t have to worry about being bored. We have your back.

There is something for everyone. Whether your interests take you to the art galleries or if you appreciate some delicious food or you want to center yourself with some yoga. Whatever floats your boat, there is something for everyone in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Have Fun

Join Dave Fimek – Analytics 101 through Google Analytics 301, John DiDonato – support for the event, and me – Google AdWords 101 & Google Adwords 201 for a fun and exciting experience learning two of the most important online tools that’s available. If you decide to join us in Santa Fe, we are going to give you a special discount of 10% off. Enter Promo Code at checkout: FuninSantaFe

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