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Cardinal Path has some pretty incredible employees. Among the 15 analytics specialists gathered for our recent face-to-face meeting in sunny Phoenix, Arizona there are more than 100 years of experience in web marketing and analytics, and hundreds of hours working with clients each year.

Here are some things that you may not already know about our team:

The Cardinal Path Analytics Team

  1. We have language skills – We’ve all been corresponding through email for some time, but some things you just don’t discover on the phone or through email. For instance, there’s a wealth of language skills in our ranks, including Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian and Japanese.
  2. We are where you are – Though we have main offices in Ottawa, Phoenix and Vancouver, Cardinal Path also has employees located in San Francisco, Boston, Sao Paulo, Burlington Vermont, Green Bay (Appleton), San Diego and Quebec City. Though it’s nice to be able to shoot emails across the world, sometimes, it’s better to talk to a real person – and chances are that we now have someone near you.
  3. We came from many backgrounds – Like most web analytics professionals today, the Cardinal Path team comes from a variety of backgrounds that adds some definite colour to our team. Around the conference table in Arizona, we had two music majors, former marketing gurus, legal experts, a teacher and a former engineer.
  4. We know our way around a bowling lane – A few people were new to the sport, but strikes were coming fast and furious one evening following a brainstorming session. There was even one Turkey! That’s three strikes in a row, for the unacquainted.
  5. We have divided loyalties in the sports world – Mixing up folks from across North America is bound to have unexpected results, and in this case, it means a split room for the Stanley Cup Finals at a local restaurant. While watching Games 6 and 7 didn’t provide much consolation for Vancouver Canucks fans, the Boston Bruins contingent had a good time watching their team bring the Cup back to Beantown. Some people would have preferred that we spend that time watching soccer/football, but they were outvoted by the hockey fans among us.

The strength of Cardinal Path is the diversity of the people that work here. We specialize in different areas, and rely on one another to get things done. There will be many more opportunities for the team to mingle, and Cardinal Path is going to continue to add skills and great people as time goes on.

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