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We’ve explored many uses and applications of Google Analytics including understanding your customers through behavioral flow reporting and running semi-automated tasks by using a solution that applies JavaScript inside the Google Chrome Console. We even wrote an ebook on Google Analytics Tricks for Conversion Rate Optimization. Now let’s look at at how certain Google Analytics features can be used in applications outside of their initial intended purposes.

5 Alternate Uses for Google Analytics FeaturesFor example, user engagement can be measured via page depth and advanced segments. Intelligence alerts can be used to send yourself a text message if your website goes down. Your implementation can be debugged in real-time, rather than the usual 24 hours, by using real time content reports and unique query string parameters. For step-by-step instructions on alternate uses of these Google Analytics features and two others, check out the latest article, Creative Uses to 5 Google Analytics Features by Dave Fimek, Senior Consultant, Cardinal Path, on


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