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I love this time of the year: it’s a time to pause, reflect and plan ahead, for myself personally and for E-Nor. I need this downtime to unplug from this accelerated change we all experience, especially where I live and work, Silicon Valley.

I feel I’m always behind (or is it just FoMO too?) on keeping up with the fast-pace innovation in our marketing and analytics space, from digital transformation to customer journeys, to the latest developments in mobile measurement, to attribution, to data engineering and data science, to personalization, to data viz, to what machine learning and artificial intelligence can enable for marketers and of course the latest on GDPR (and the list goes on)!

But for the next week or so, I get to unwind and catch up!


Every year I set a target for the number of audiobooks to listen to or books to read. My target for 2017 was 30 books (I’m almost there) and one of my favorites was Thomas Friedman’s Thank You for Being Late. The author described our great acceleration in technology (an exponential curve) and how it’s transforming every aspect of life. The world is being reshaped faster than we can reshape and adapt. The only way to keep up is to adopt a lifelong learning perspective. He added that the time of static stability is gone and we need to adapt to dynamic stability (sort of like riding the bike: you’re stable but still moving :)).

It’s this lifelong learning perspective that we aspire to at E-Nor: to become better consultants and better people, to add value to our clients and to contribute to the community.

To E-Norians

2017 was a phenomenal growth year for E-Nor, in client base, in revenue and more importantly in expanding the amazing E-Nor family. When it comes to consulting, people are what counts and I can’t be any prouder than working among such talented and hardworking team members. To E-Norians, gratitude is the first word I can think of. Keep it up!

To our clients

To our clients, we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ve learned a lot, we’re shared a lot and we’ve accomplished a lot together. And on some rare occasions, we might not have met your expectations, for that I apologize. I ask you to expect more of us, to let us know where we can add more value, deliver more and continue to be your trusted advisors.

To our partners

To our partners, you’ve enabled us to expand our expertise and offerings, we thank you for that. A special thanks goes to all the great folks at Google for an amazing partnership journey of over ten years.

To our community

To our community, we thank you for reading our blog, providing feedback and staying engaged. A very special thanks to our Google Analytics Breakthrough book readers (your 5-star reviews on Amazon mean a whole lot to us :)).

To the non-profits we support

We’re humbled and fortunate to be able to meet our pledge to donate 1% of our revenue to support many great causes including incredible organizations like the Red Cross and many others. We commit to do even more in 2018.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy, data-driven New Year!

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