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Big roundup this week, since we have some left over material from last week. I think we have a total of  10 posts, on subjects ranging from email to eyetracking.

Specifically, this week, we have FAQ design, cool twitter tools, working with custom reports AND variables, and a study on incentives in crowdsourcing.


  • We start this week off with Six Revisions guide to designing effective FAQ pages. The best part? Their first step is to “say no” to FAQ pages. “The FAQ page supports the rest of the website’s content; if it doesn’t enhance what’s already there, it shouldn’t be a priority.”
  • Alas Poor Yorik has taken a break from posting about Cold Fusion to provide us all with a means for loading mobile friendly web pages using javascript and CSS.


  • Facebook has implemented a “send” button. Unlike “share” or “like”, “send” puts your content into a message and sends it to the friends they select. It’s basically the Facebook equivalent of “Forward to a Friend”.
  • Inspired Mag has a bunch of cool twitter tools. Some include Buffer, which spaces out your tweets so that you dont overload your followers, and Backtweets, which lets you find who is sharing a URL.





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