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We’re proud to be able to work with incredible clients – the kind of folks that not only walk on the cutting edge of innovation, they define it.  As part of National Small Business Week, Ross Twiddy of Twiddy & Company will be on Capitol Hill telling the story of how a 32 year old business is leveraging the Google platform to fuel the kind of growth that has resulted in the $54 billion economic impact Google has just reported for 2009. Twiddy uses AdWords to drive traffic to its site, where almost 900 of North Carolina’s Outer Banks vacation rentals are ready to be browsed and rented.  A comprehensive installation and the use of advanced features of Google Analytics collects the data needed to make both everyday and complex business decisions, and Google’s Website Optimizer conversion testing tool has been used to run experiments that provide an ever improving user experience and impact to the bottom line. According to Ross, “Adwords has been an extremely powerful platform for our small business. WebShare has been instrumental in optimizing that traffic–Webshare’s strategy and advice is the supercharger for Adwords traffic.” Well Ross, we’re proud to work with you, wish you well on Capitol Hill and congratulate you on your successes! UPDATE 6/16: Twiddy getting some more coverage on the Official Google Analytics Blog!