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Not the busiest week on the Internet. In fact, most of my reader list was left without any updates at all. Where are you guys?

That said, after much searching we have a pretty full roundup, with news on new Google facial search technology, multivariate testing in WordPress and how Anonymous hacked HB Gary. Very cool stuff.

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  • Bronto Blog has a pretty cool article on progressive profiling in email marketing. This is a pretty cool example of how analytics can enhance your marketing: the idea is to watch what users do and progressively tailor your marketing to them.
  • Get Elastic touched on an interesting topic last week: black hat tactics that aren’t really black hat. The central idea is that a lot of things that are thought of (and treated) as black hat by Search engines can be used in completely legitimate fashions. However, I’d think that feeding paywalled content to the Google bots to drive traffic to a page is EXACTLY what Google doesn’t want. Maybe if, like Bustos describes, you let the visitor read the whole article for free, then prompt them to pay. However, if you’re feeding content to a bot, only to have users click through and find that they cant access your content because it’s behind a pay wall, then that seems to me to be a bait and switch, and thus your content is irrelevant to the user. Hence why Google de-indexes sites that do this.
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