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Summer ends soon. Time for a sad face. But at least some of you still have nice weather, while we’ve hit the doldrums of grey and wet. But maybe this will mean more posts for the Monday Roundup as people cease to be distracted by sun and heat.

This Monday we have design strategies for mobile sites, more facebook marketing strategies, more analytics knowhow with page level custom variables, and more… well, more.


  • Get Elastic has a post on design strategies for mobile sites. Specifically how to design and lay out your ecommerce site for mobile platforms.
  • From Inspired Mag: What is a CMS? For real? People don’t know this?


  • E-nor has a post on Facebook pages marketing strategies. They look at a number of things including EdgeRank and Engage, some pretty interesting reports.
  • Bronto blog has a great post on the novelty of the new, specifically how new and hot features can blind companies form the foundations that they need to run a successful campaign.


  • L3 has