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A quick, but fun little tool for you people using Greasemonkey and ExactTarget.

Irritated by ExactTarget’s frequent log-outs—and a log-in form that neither remembers your login information nor allows Firefox to do its “remember this password” magic— we turned to Erik Vold, creator of The Social Media Metrics for Google Analytics Greasemonkey Plugin.

Surely we could use Greasemonkey in a manner similar to the “Skip Useless Steps of GWO” plugin?
Before you could click “remember password” we had the ExactTarget Auto Login plugin.

I’m not going to give you a link to install it simply because there is a bit of setup that must happen for this plug-in to work.

  1. If you don’t have Greasemonkey, install it (I haven’t tried this in gm4ie GreaseKit or Chrome)
  2. Paste the code above into your favorite text editor, changing “YOUR LOGIN” and “YOUR PASSWORD” to, well, your login and your password…
  3. Add it to Greasemonkey

Now every time you go to client login in exact target it will automatically log you in. And if you ever don’t want to, just click Greasemonkey off before you hit that page. See, easy as pie.

Update: Erik informs me that this is actually an old version of his script, and that he has a new version that simply kicks FireFox’s password manager into gear. This makes the process more secure, if not quite as streamlined. Its up at user scripts.


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