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Did you know? The word “community” is derived from Old French “communauté” which is a broad term for fellowship or organized society [Wikipedia]. The Cirque du Soleil is a pretty unique community – you can hardly be more creative than them, constantly pushing the envelope, relying on an amazing array of diversified and very talented people, some of whom are front and center, some others, as important, working behind the scene to make sure the customer experience is perfect – beyond expectations. The parallels with digital analytics – or how we whish it was – could be many; although certainly less flamboyant!

An “unconference”

On June 22nd, Cirque du Soleil super cool headquarter located in Montréal, Canada, will host the 1st “unconference” of our local web analytics community. I’ve been organizing local meetups for over five years and our group of passionate web analysts has grown to several hundreds. Sometimes we have guest speakers, other times we just rally to share a drink and tell our best stories of data and optimization. This time, however, we want an opportunity to collaborate, share and learn by creating focus groups that will tackle specific topics and then share key highlights with the group:
  • Strategies for ensuring data quality
  • Leveraging the multiple data sources available at our fingertips
  • The future of the “web analytics” discipline
  • Tips & tricks to develop an analytical culture
  • Defining good objectives and KPIs
  • Data visualization and dashboarding
  • Etc.
You get the idea. The best venue we could imagine; great topics, high level of participation and learning and no expensive keynote speakers and; in fact, no speakers at all! Participants will pick a leader and group discussions will be favored.

A good cause: One Drop – Ensuring everyone has access to water

The entry price is symbolic and thanks to our local sponsors we’ll be able to contribute to the One Drop Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté to fight poverty worldwide by ensuring everyone across the planet has access to water. This kind of involvment is directly alligned with Cardinal Path and Google involvement in helping nonprofit organizations.
Thanks to our local sponsors:
  • Cirque du Soleil – Gautier Lemesle, for helping us host the event,
  • Cardinal Path – for nurturing a culture of continuous learning, personal growth and community involvement,
  • AT Internet – the European web analytics vendor with a great team based in Montreal,
  • Acquisio – a leading Performance Media Platform, Acquisio helps marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, and report on media across all channels,
  • Higher Education Marketing – an agency driving education marketing with analytics,
  • Nmedia – a local agency with a focus on web development, marketing and optimization,
  • iPerceptions – a leading Voice of Customer analytics provider
  • Revolver3 – an independant agency specialized in interactive marketing.

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