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When it comes to proving marketing ROI and communicating program performance, traditional reporting approaches often lack the context and takeaways that will persuade stakeholders and drive action. Yet 97% of analytics and marketing professionals still use spreadsheets (Use Marketing Dashboards to Uncover Customers’ Behavior, Forrester, 2016).

Meanwhile, marketers have started tapping into tools like dashboards to effectively convey marketing performance, as well as surface analytics to enable smarter decision-making or deeper analysis. Recent enhancements to Google’s Data Studio, combined with the fact that it’s free, means there’s even greater reason to empower your stakeholders and bring visualization to your marketing data.

The Google Data Studio Playbook provides a step-by-step overview of the Data Studio platform and outlines tips and best practices for making the most of this powerful visualization solution. With recent reports showing the correlation between data-driven marketing investment and increased revenues, getting the right data to business stakeholders is now table stakes.

Dive into the playbook to get started or accelerate your own data visualization & reporting approach. Download the free playbook.


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