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Unsure why more visitors aren’t converting? Want to know more about designing landing pages? Enjoy laughing maniacally while bending people to your will?

…Yeah, us too.

After the success of our last course on online persuasion, we’re putting it on once again. On Thursday, January 28th, we’re hosting Michael Straker’s The Art and Science of Online Persuasion: How to Get Your Visitors to ACT. Read on below for more info:

The Art and Science of Online Persuasion:
How to Get Your Visitors to ACT

Instructor: Michael Straker

When: January 28th 8:45am–4:45pm (add to Google calendar)(Get vCard)

Location: VKI Studios’ head office in Downtown Vancouver.

1080 Howe Street #505, Vancouver, BC

Price: $375 per person

On January 28th, learn 14 diabolically effective tricks to get your visitors to take action.

We won’t dwell on obvious techniques like offering discounts or the power of “FREE”. Rather, we’ll teach you how to create emotional appeals that may not sound strictly logical… but work! In just 7 hours, you’ll learn 14 downright sinister persuasion tools including:

  • Ugly Jerry and the Contrast Principle
  • Optimal Level of Dissonance
  • Distract then Reframe
  • Harnessing the Power of People We Like
  • Plus at least 10 more!

This will be a small, intimate gathering. Participants will get lots of personal attention and will be encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. With only 10 seats, space is limited so reserve now.


To register, call 1-866-733-8899 ext 242.