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When it comes to copywriting for websites, it is often the case that people seem to think anything goes. Sloppy, ungrammatical, unstructured, prosaic and frankly unedifying written offerings may be fine for some, but for those of us in the writing fraternity, it is utterly unacceptable and entirely inappropriate. Granted, some sites lend themselves better to good copy due to more suitable subject matter, but this does not mean that good copywriting can be abandoned or worse, ignored altogether.

Quite apart from vandalizing the English language, badly written websites are ineffective in the realms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and overall usability. Not only can copywriting influence your search rankings, if done properly, the clarity can enhance usability and deliver a better user experience. Your typical user has no desire to be blinded with huge blocks of text or confronted by language that is either too technical or simply too complicated.

Professional copywriters are there for a reason. Some people, not all of whom are entirely without ability of course, write their own material. There are, however, many advantages to employing professional copywriters, as they:

  • Know how to optimize for SEO purposes
  • Have experience with what style of writing works
  • Write with a tone that suits your particular business
  • Deliver quality work to tight deadlines
  • Understand the requirements of effective copy

Having worked in the industry for some time now, I am acutely aware of the importance of professional copywriting. Not only does it lend your website an air of overall professionalism and quality, it provides you with the golden opportunity to become more visible on the web through SEO rankings. Put simply, good copywriting makes a difference.