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“My name is Michael and I am a Google Website Optimizer… oholic?”

Yes, I'll admit it: I find my self logging into Google Website Optimizer at all hours – day and night, weekends included – to ensure our freshly-optimized pages are reaching their goals.

I also place bets with co-workers. We'll try to predict which version of a page will perform best, and by what margin it will beat the existing page.

It's embarrassing sometimes:

  • Excusing myself from a dinner date, so I can log in to see whether my revised “buy now” button is outperforming the old one.
  • Being caught squealing with joy because I've correctly predicted the lift a revised headline will make.
  • Predicting a revised photo will improve conversions by 20%… only to find it reduces them by 23%. The agony of defeat!

No, this isn't a cry for help. Please, no interventions. I just wanted come clean and admit I have a new addiction.

Anyone else suffering similar symptoms?