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Earlier this year, I posted a review of I noted that it was a great place to get free advice on the viability of your concepts, design quality, etc. (Here’s my former review


It’s still a great place to get free advice from community members. But the site owners have added a new paid service, in which you get in-depth reviews from bona fide experts.

You can have your site reviewed by up to five experts in any or all of these three categories:

  1. Design. Typography, layout, imagery, aesthetics… how visitors see your site.
  2. Usability. Navigation, simplicity, user experience, information flow… how visitors interact with your site.
  3. Strategy. Concept validation, conversion strategies, SEO… how visitors convert on your site.

The new expert service costs $100 per review. That’s a lot compared to free, but peanuts compared to most expert evaluations. And having looked at some of the sample reviews, I’d say $100 is a bargain.

Their slick new review tool makes it easy to organize and share reviews. Results are delivered within 48 hours.

In my previous post, I noted that a potential downside was the lack of privacy. To have your concept reviewed by the community, you have to post it for all to see… meaning someone could steal your ideas.

With the paid reviews, privacy is not a problem. You decide with whom you share your concepts (and your reviews).

This service is useful for evaluating just about any concept, at any stage of development:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Logos
  • Advertisements
  • Applications
  • Interfaces
  • Newsletters
  • Mockups
  • Wireframes

With its bargain pricing, detailed feedback, assured privacy and impressive panel of experienced and articulate experts, I highly recommend this new service.


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