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Today is BC day! BC’s Civic Holiday. That means we’re not in the office, folks, but here’s a roundup anyhow:

This week we have more Twitter statistics, the role of marketing on the internet, Slate on Facebook design, and Chris Brown viral videos.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • We start the week off with a fairly cool set of statistics: Why People Use Twitter. Pretty much tells us what we already knew: that 22% of twitter use is business related, and only 10% of users interact with brands.
  • Next up, Twisted image on why digital marketing needs to collect information on people. I am unsure if his argument holds, given that it seems to be “this is the business model we have NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK!” I’m also detecting a touch of the same “we are the web” narcissism that the media lobbies have been putting out recently. Still, if you give him that advertising is the only way that a web project can exist, then hes right. But wait, that’s circular…
  • Finally the New York Times on internet advertising and the scary amounts of information that advertisers have about us, and how they want more. Moral of the story? Plus Ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


 Web Analytics

 Web Usability

 Miscellaneous links of the week:

  • Google is excited about the monetization of Chris Browns “Forever” through a fan made video of a wedding. The song has seen massive sales since this went viral. Pretty neat, and it really demonstrates the power of a dedicated fan base.
  • Finally Grokdotcom again, with a copywriters guide to framing. Good stuff to know, but even more so to understand when getting confronted with this kind of marketing.