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The Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) has one simple goal: to drive tourists and travelers to the state of Nevada. While the lights of the Las Vegas Strip provide a compelling global beacon, the state’s hotels, resorts and other tourism-driven businesses depend on websites like and NCOT advertising to generate travel bookings and interest in everything that Nevada has to offer.

The first step is to identify which activities and locations are resonating with web traffic and promote relevant and timely messaging across a range of digital mediums. But equally paramount is to ensure that this information is available inside a robust CRM system.

Partnering with Cardinal Path to develop an integrated digital media plan enhanced with web interaction data, the NCOT deployed robust Google Analytics, accurate data collection and bidirectional CRM system integration, and now has precise behavioral insights and a nearly limitless way to serve users across multiple visits and touch points.

Download this case study and learn how Cardinal Path created a new data collection and analysis strategy for Nevada Commission on Tourism that resulted in:

  • 35% increase in Visitor Guide orders
  • 43% increase in travel partner referrals
  • 68% increase in Visitor Guide downloads
  • 73% increase in Visitor Guide views
  • 2X increase in remarketing campaign conversions

This case study demonstrates what happens when you:

  • Leverage the Google Analytics API and Custom Variables
  • Connect relevant web data to your CRM system
  • Tweak your Google Analytics implementation to capture the most accurate data

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