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Cardinal Path’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Booth, and Merkle’s EVP Analytics, Alex Yoder, were recently interviewed by MarTech Today as part of their TechBytes Series.

Working to the idea that each agency brings what they do best to each engagement, Cardinal Path and Merkle have established a synergy that allows their respective capabilities to create accelerated value for client brands.

“A great example of this is the recent integration of Salesforce and the Google Marketing Platform”, says Booth, “This has made the vision of bringing together sales and marketing data from digital and offline touchpoints for that entire view of the customer journey a possibility within the grasp of enterprise marketers. It’s already happening for some organizations, and it really is a big deal. Salesforce is bringing Cardinal Path to their clients so they can find success across the Google integrations with these investments, while Merkle has been doing the same across an array of Salesforce activation and value-add services.”

Alex Yoder says Merkle is focused on building unifying capabilities: “All technology is great, but no technology solves every problem. Our goal is to provide the strategy and experience to bring together the disparate pieces and create something that the brand can build off of. We feel like our partnership with Cardinal Path allows us each to focus on areas of expertise and scale to maximize the value of our individual strategies for our clients.”

Cardinal Path recently announced an agreement to provide Google’s Analytics 360 licensing, implementation, and ongoing services to Merkle clients.