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Cardinal Path Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Alex Langshur, participated in the recent GPeC Summit as a keynote speaker. GPeC’s official reporter Andra Zaharia caught up with him to discuss the importance of client engagement and customer lifetime value, and how to choose the best web analytics tool. In the interview, Alex outlines the importance of having a measurement framework in place to define and cater to each unique type of customer throughout the entire customer journey.

Want to hear more? You can watch the full interview with Alex here.

Short on time? Here are some key takeaways:

  • You need to have a relationship with somebody before you try to sell them something.
  • It’s not just about running the numbers. How you engage with customers at each stage really matters.
  • If you are running a site, you have to figure out what the numbers are telling you in terms of value to the customer at their specific customer journey stage.
  • Most ecommerce retailers are either using Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics 360 but the marketing technology space has exploded, and there are many tools that can do some pretty interesting things.
  • In terms of metrics, Cardinal Path’s approach to the ‘measurement framework’  takes into account the entire customer journey: all the way from awareness to consideration.
  • Ecommerce retailers should keep in mind that the customer journey is non-linear, non sequential, and cross platform.
  • In 2016, online retailers are overlooking the benefits of Tag Management Systems (40-45% are not using TMS!), and failing to utilize a data layer on their pages.
  • The Digital Analytics Association is a hub of resources, thought leadership, and education – data-driven marketers are well-served to become active members of this community.



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