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John Baronello, Cardinal Path’s Group Director of Digital Intelligence, recently had a piece published in AgencyPost: “How To Bust Buffet’s Brackets With Data Science” – possibly just to prove that metrics can be equally important and lucrative at both work and play.

A snippet:

“Data is tracked on everything – and I mean everything. It’s interesting that all of my co-workers at the time read “Moneyball” about how data science was used to predict players for the Oakland A’s and were well aware of Sabermetrics. Yet, none of them went out to seek if the same data is collected on college basketball teams. A site that collects data on every NCAA college basketball game since 2003, was invaluable when it came to picking my bracket.”

Read the full piece at: 

And if you’re a true college ball fan and want to learn more about what’s left of March Madness, here’s a quick primer: