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While at the 2010 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago this year, we were introduced to a new Software As A Service (SAAS) called LotusJump, a tool for helping with your site’s search engine rankings. The idea is that you put in your site’s URL, Lotus Jump scans the site and the internet, then reports back ideas and suggestions on how you can improve your site’s rankings, whether it be metatag suggestions or a forum topic thread relevant to your product that you should reply to.

Simple instructions and informative video tutorials lower the hyperbolic learning curve and will help you maximize the tool’s immediate benefit to you.

The Basic package is a great place to start to get your feet wet, but a serious contender will soon realize the added cost of the Pro package will be nominal when compared to the potential Return On Investment (ROI).

Sign in to your account, enter the requested information and then go make yourself some lunch while Lotus Jump does all the hard work for you.

When you have finished your lunch, a list of suggestions will be ready for you to look through, allowing you to cherry-pick those ideas most relevant to your vision. While I found that about 50% of the suggestions are less than optimal to pursue, the suggestions that were relevant would be of benefit to anyone who follows through with them. On a bit of a negative note, I do not like how the suggestions open in the same window when clicked on. I am very used to using a middle mouse button to open multiple tabs at once, so am in the habit of closing a tab or window by clicking the upper right X. When muscle memory kicks in, the site accidentally gets closed every time I simply want to return to the suggestions page. If the suggestions could be opened into their own tabs, it would make my user experience with Lotus Jump that much more rewarding.

Keyword rankings can be found right within the Lotus Jump interface, allowing you to decide where to put your initial efforts.

Overall, Lotus Jump is an excellent tool for a website owner wanting to make a serious run for top rankings. Whether it be a large SEO company wanting fast suggestions for SEO ideas, or a small site owner wanting to get their own site’s ranking moving towards the top, Lotus Jump is clever enough for all and smart enough to make it money well spent.


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