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Ad Scheduling in Google Adwords is one of those things that no one really uses but it's also one of those things that can have an enormous impact on improving ROI's. If you've been running a Google Adwords Account for over several weeks than you need to run some reports and find out which parts of the day and week your making your sales and which parts of the week your losing money.

Armed with this information you can begin to use Ad Scheduling to your advantage. Ad Scheduling allows you to control when you want your campaigns to be active and when you want your campaigns to be inactive all automatically.

For instance you may find that you perform very well during regular business hours in the day but do poorly over night. With Ad Scheduling you can turn your campaigns to not run during the night and only have them active during the day, you can also set different settings for each day of the week.

Along with the ability to have control over when your campaign is active and when its inactive you can access an advanced feature in ad scheduling that allows you to increase and decrease bids during certain days and time periods all based on a percentage of your current live bid.

Lets say your average position is somewhere around 3 and you find your campaign does very well on Tuesdays during 2pm to 5pm. You can set your bids to increase automatically during those times on Tuesdays by a percentage of your current bid, by doing this you can increase your position and pull in a higher amount of visitors and potentially increase your ROI without having to be at your computer. You can also use this feature to decrease bids on less profitable parts of the week and/or day.

To access Ad Scheduling you can select a campaign and edit the settings. In the edit campaign settings page under Advanced Options you can access ad scheduling. For more information on how to use ad scheduling visit the Help section within your Adwords account and type in Ad Scheduling.


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