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Alex Clemmons, Director of Analytics & Insights at Cardinal Path is set to present a 30-minute session at Analytics Rising entitled, How does your measurement framework stack up?

I know you’re really passionate about measurement frameworks – why is this so important to you?

Measurement framework is something I speak with clients about on a daily basis. It’s a critical piece to getting analytics to work for any organization, and it’ll be fun to bring this knowledge to a new audience of marketers and analysts who are looking for ways to level up.

What is a measurement framework?

A measurement framework can be considered a governing document for all of your measurement activities. It includes elements like goals, objectives, KPIs, metrics, segmentation, and establishes how you’re going to turn those pieces into a measurement plan. At Cardinal Path we call the measurement framework “the foundation”. It sets up everything we do in analytics and it’s what paves the way to success.

What would you say is the most challenging component of putting together a measurement framework for a company?

The goal of a measurement framework is to get everyone in an organization on the same page. Most organizations are set up to be walled-off, and operating in silos, so one of the most challenging components is getting alignment on the content across many different areas and stakeholders. In theory, everyone wants this, but it can be difficult in practice. The ones who do break down those walls are the ones that succeed!

Who will gain the most value from your Analytics Rising session?

My session is for anyone who is trying to improve their current state of measurement. That means everyone from C-Suite to the analysts who are working with the data day in and day out. Measurement framework serves as a building block  for analytics work so it’s a core competency that enables data-driven decision-making.

What will people walk away with?

Attendees will leave with a clear outline of the steps towards creating a robust measurement framework. They will know what questions to ask of themselves in order to better understand how their existing framework is serving their business needs.

Session Abstract: How does your measurement framework stack up?

Measurement framework allows your organization to align on what matters most, and ensures you’re moving in a positive direction towards your goals. So what makes up a measurement framework? Do you have one in place? Is your measurement framework robust enough? – This is your foundation for success. So how does yours stack up?

Analytics Rising is a free, one-day virtual summit that takes place annual and is designed to help marketers navigate the technology, tools, and strategy to compete and win in the digital economy.