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Analytics Rising 2019 Rewind

The second-annual Analytics Rising Virtual Conference approached the topics of the day with a certain… seriousness. In a time of increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, the demise of third-party cookie tracking, coupled with the pressures of managing a runaway martech stack, this year’s agenda resonated with the nearly 1,000 marketers who signed on to be part of this day-long event. There were three laser-focused sessions that can be distilled into three key takeaways for marketers:

  1. In a cookieless world, you need to bring customers closer to your brand and identity is the fuel that will drive your martech stack.
  2. Data-driven attribution is not only possible, but it’s also essential to understanding customers and ultimately bringing them closer to you.
  3. Underpinning the need and urgency to bring customers closer to your brand: marketers must fully understand the workings of their martech stack, and their customer data in order to plot a course towards incremental gains in digital intelligence.

Each session ended with clear and actionable insights to help marketers understand the immediate next steps towards digital maturity.

Gearing up for a Cookieless Future

Featuring Alex Langshur & Mary Andrews

By now, it’s clear that the cookie is dead. Alex and Mary tackle the less clear next steps, which includes how to make the shift from cookies to IDs. Watch the session on-demand.

Achieving Data-Driven Attribution

Featuring Corey Koberg & Amit Jai Kadam

There are many flavors of data-driven attribution. This session details several attribution applications Cardinal Path has used first-hand with clients, all of which have some key ingredients: 1st party data + data science + a desire to better understand the customer. Watch the on-session on-demand.

Standing-Up Your 2020 Digital Roadmap

Featuring Jonathan Flanders, Nick Iyengar, and Lauren Norton

With martech accounting for 30% of marketing budgets, organizations need to look closely at what the technology is enabling and that it aligns with their desired capabilities. The data will ultimately inform and enable business objectives, but it requires breaking down silos and developing clear processes. This action-oriented session breaks down the key variables that go into developing a fully formulated digital roadmap. Watch the session on-demand.


State of Digital Marketing Analytics

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