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Template for a digital data and analytics RFP
Image source: Pixabay

“We need help with our data analytics and optimization strategy, but we don’t know where to start.” At Cardinal Path, this is something we hear often. The next step for most would be to call in the outside experts. Just trying to source new or emerging talents and skills sets without having an understanding of exactly what it is you are searching for can be a major headache. The key to writing an effective RFP is to have a solid understanding of what you are looking for before you go off in search of your new partner.

To help you get started, we’ve put together an RFP Template for Digital Analytics Services that you can use to clarify your needs, objectives, and requirements. Be sure to also check out Marketing Land’s column How to Write a Digital Data & Analytics RFP for six key guidelines that will help you get better results from your RFP.