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Urchin 7, after much anticipation, has finally been released! With it comes a whole slew of new features, and upgrades. As a tribute to this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts called “7 Days of Urchin 7”. In this 7 post series, I’ll cover the following areas:

  • installation and migration of your existing Urchin 6 data
  • speed and performance benefits
  • advanced segmentation
  • event tracking
  • custom reports & data API version 2
  • filters, lookup tables, and customizable geo data


Urchin 7 is releasing a slew of new features, so I’ll only cover the ones that I deem most useful.

  1. Performance – Urchin 7 has been upgraded to run natively on 64-bit OS’s and utilize parallel profile processing
  2. Advanced Segmentation – Urchin now has the ability to segment your visitors within reports, just like GA
  3. Event Tracking – Ever wanted to track the number of clicks on a banner ad, the number of video plays, or other events on your website? Well, now you can! And, if you were tracking it in GA on your website already and sending the data to your logs for Urchin 6, you can reprocess those logs and get event reporting immediately!
  4. Custom Reports – Now, you can have tabbed reports and cross-reference reports.
  5. Customizable Geo-location Data – If you don’t need to know the exact cities of all your visitors world-wide, why spend the time processing it? With the new selectable geo-location data sets in Urchin 7, you can get the in-depth geographical information for regions you are interested in and speed up processing time.
  6. Custom Ordering of Filters
  7. Improved Lookup Tables

Buy Urchin 7

An Urchin 7 license costs $9,995 for new users, $7000 for upgrades. This is a one-time, non-recurring cost. The license provides:

  • Unlimited data sources
  • Up to 1,000 report profiles
  • Unlimited users, groups, and accounts

To upgrade to Urchin 7, or buy a new license, contact us