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May 4, 2006 / PRNewswirecomScore Networks, today announced the launch of comScore World Metrix, the first true estimate of global online audience size and behavior based on activity from the world's largest online behavioral research panel.In launching comScore World Metrix, the company announced that 694 million people, age 15+, used the Internet worldwide from all locations in March 2006, representing 14 percent of the world's total population within this age group.Israel, Finland and South Korea Lead the World in Online EngagementcomScore also released the top 15 countries ranked by average hours spent online per visitor for March 2006, as a measure of engagement. Israel led the list, with the average user spending 57.5 hours online during the month — twice as much time compared to the average person in the U.S., which did not rank in the top 15 countries. Top Global PropertiescomScore also issued a sneak preview of the top 15 media properties worldwide, with MSN- Microsoft Sites topping the list with 538.6 million global users, followed by Google (495.8 million users), and Yahoo! (480.2 million users). Yahoo! Sites led all global properties in page views with 137.2 billion page views during March, followed by Google (108.7 billion page views), and MSN- Microsoft Sites (96.2 billion page views).