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Have separate profiles
Have two different profiles, one for business and one for personal use. Your business profile should be your company name or the name of the product you would like to promote. What you share with your friends should be different than what you share with your potential customers.

Create profiles on social media networks
Create profiles for your business on most of the social media networks. LinkedIn is a good one to use as well as communities that are relevant to your industry. Limit yourself to only a few profiles to start off and once you have built up those profiles you can continue to create more. Be sure to add information about your company where possible.

Link profiles together
Create your own reputation network by linking all your social media profiles together.

Stay active
After you have established your profiles on the social networks its important stay an active member. Submit not only your own content but other content of your interest. Add friends who share similar interests with you and build relationships with them.

Discussion Boards
Participate in discussion boards within your industry. If negative feedback arises you can easily defend yourself by telling your side of the story.

Create a Blog
Set up a blog for your business and write in it as frequently as possible. Your blog can link to all your social profiles and any other relevant content. Be sure to submit your blog posts to Digg,StumbleUpon and any other related social communities.