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Google Analytics 360 is Google’s digital analytics tool for enterprise. However, Analytics 360 is only one of the 360 tools within the Google 360 Suite. The products that make up the 360 Suite are:

  • Tag Manager 360
  • Attribution 360
  • Optimize 360
  • Audience Center 360
  • Data Studio 360

Utilizing all of the 360 products simultaneously is where you will truly experience the power behind the suite. I’ve put together 5 scenarios which might indicate to you that you could stand to take advantage of the full power of the full Google Analytics 360 Suite.

  1. You’re spending a lot of money on advertising and want to ensure that the results are measured effectively. You need to gain insight into the true ROI that each channel plays across all touchpoints, and then apply this insight to your campaigns and advertising spend.Understanding the full customer journey can be complex. However, every organization wants their advertising dollars to be optimized for the highest return, so this data needs to be scrutinized very carefully. To assist with this, the data-driven attribution feature from Google Analytics 360 is excellent. It compares the conversion path structures and the associated likelihood of conversions given the order of events. In addition, with Attribution 360, you are able to understand TV Attribution and gain a much better understanding of your full marketing mix. To read more about the Attribution Features, read this.
  2. You want a single source of truth for all of your important data. You also want to report on all of this data in an integrated, sophisticated way.When you utilize the full 360 Suite, you’ll have access to Google Data Studio. When you’re importing data into Google Analytics, whether it be offline sales data or additional product or customer information – Data Studio helps you to create visually pleasing reports that can be shared and accessed across teams easily. Google Analytics 360 stores the data and Google Data Studio 360 Reports on the custom data and presents it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. You will also have the ability to incorporate BigQuery into the mix of your Data Studio 360 Reporting too.
  3. You want to use multiple data sets to implement the most sophisticated, personalised retargeting strategy possible.When you leverage the full power of the products within the suite, you will be able to do this more effectively. By linking DoubleClick to Google Analytics 360, in addition to the valuable ad impression-based insights from your campaigns, you are able to create very robust remarketing lists within Google Analytics  and then use DoubleClick to target this audience. The suite lets you use your  web analytics behavior data to create unique custom audiences for your campaigns and reach your customers at moments that matter.
  4. You want to create personalised experiences for your customers.With Optimize 360 being so tightly integrated with Google Analytics 360, you are able to create Google Optimize 360 experiments using audiences are already defined within your Google Analytics 360 account. What a fantastic feature – perform personalization split testing experiments using your very own analytics data!
  5. Do you earn publisher revenue? – Ensure you’re optimizing your content!By Linking DoubleClick for Publishers to Google Analytics 360, you have total control over your content optimization efforts! Yes, you are now able to report on individual ads or ad units and you’ll be able to better understand user behaviour on a page or session level. You could begin to understand the cost of acquiring a user vs. what revenue you generate from advertising on a user level.What is truly amazing about all of the products that make up the suite is how tightly integrated they are with each other. So, if you’re an enterprise organization who already uses Google Analytics, you could stand to benefit from leveraging the full value of the suite. To learn about how Cardinal Path supports clients with the Google Analytics 360 Suite, click here.


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