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Email Marketing Tips Part 1In case you missed part 1 and part 2 of this series, I discussed:

  • How and why you should segment your list
  • Quick tips on how to capture quality subscribers
  • Clean your contact list by optimizing your unsubscribe process
  • How to present information that will keep your subscribers engaged
  • And one of the most important tips – that spelling matters

In this post, I’m going to discuss avoiding “spam”-like subject lines, and how and when to assess the best time to send out your post.

Hook, Line, and High Open Rate!

9. Get creative with subject lines
Would you open an email with your own subject line? If you are selling a product or service, you will need to be creative in the way you communicate that in the subject line, sparking the readers interest, but without overselling it. Apple, for example, always has great subject lines that entice customers to open their emails (see image below).

apple email subjectline
“Overselling” or being too excited could otherwise lead your email into their spam folder and never be seen. Avoid using phrases, without qualifiers such as:

  • “FREE!”
  • “BUY NOW!”
  • You won!
  • Don’t delete
  • Earn $$
  • Free!!!

Using ALL CAPS & exclamation marks almost guarantees your email will get lost in spam. Subject lines should be brief but also provide incentive for the viewer to open the email. Apple’s subject line is so great because of its simplicity. Their main goal is to sell the new iPad and they make sure to include the product in the subject line without quick sell phrases.

Check, Check, Ready to Send

10. Time it correctly
Now that you’ve got the right content, audience and subject line – it’s time to send the email. What is the best time to send? After some research, E-Nor finds it best to send out email blasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11am PST for our clients. According to MailChimp, Tuesday and Thursday are the highest volume days. MailChimp ( discovered that, “more people open email during the day than at night.” Below is MailChimp’s Email Opens by Time of Day Chart. According to the data, subscribers are more likely to open emails after 12pm, more specifically between 2-5pm (see chart below).

best time of day to email chart - mailchimp 2012
However, the real answer is it depends on the nature of your business. If your audience consists of working executives who check their email in the morning at their office, this might be a good time. However, if your audience consists of moms who check emails early in the morning before their munchkins wake up, you might have to adjust accordingly. The only way you will know though is to test, measure, and optimize. Send different types of emails over a few months and gauge what time gets the best open rate.

You may think that time and day doesn’t matter because the email is sent to the customer’s mailbox either way, but it makes a big difference whether a customer deletes the email or takes a few minutes to read it.


Following these tips will help you organize your emails & email lists. Most of them are pretty straightforward and in the long run will benefit your company’s open rate. Be sure to look out for more of our email marketing posts, including tips for email design, and measuring email marketing.