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Email Marketing Tips Part 1In case you missed the previous post, I discussed

  • How and why you should segment your list
  • Quick tips on how to capture quality customers
  • Clean your contact list by optimizing your unsubscribe process

In this post, I’m going to discuss the actual content, and how to present information that will keep your subscribers engaged.

Let’s Talk Content

4. Respect your subscribers
Your list is now clean. Most of your subscribers have “opted in” – they chose to receive your emails. They already like what you’re offering, so make sure not to bombard them with millions of emails.

Also, when sending emails to your subscribers, make sure your content is beneficial to them and makes their subscription worthwhile.

5. Short & sweet
Be concise and don’t waste your reader’s time. Online readers tend to have a very short attention span so send only the most necessary information. Think of the emails & deals you get daily, do you read every single sentence written? Most likely not.

If your content is more than 2 paragraphs, link the additional content back to your site. Most likely readers skim the contents of their inbox. If something catches their eye, they will read more carefully. So best practice would be to ensure very important information is at the top of the newsletter. If the reader is interested in the content, they will click to your site and read more. To learn more about getting creative with your email subject lines, look out for part three of this series.

6. What can you provide for your subscribers?
Make sure to entice your audience with helpful tips or special offers. For example, every couple months give your clients a chance to win a product or 10% off of a service you provide. To benefit you, send out a short survey to ask your customers how you’re doing, and by doing this sign them up in a drawing for a chance to win something. This will keep your subscribers engaged and helps you in getting feedback from customers.

7. Keep an open conversation
It’s proven that having a conversation with your readers – rather than throwing information at them -makes you more approachable.

The easiest way to engage conversation is through social media. You can ask a question in the email that requires an answer via Facebook or highlight your social media as part of the email. But to get viewers to answer and connect with you via social media, you will have to give them an incentive to join the conversation. Use giveaways like a free iPad, discounts on products, and/or special offers such as two for one deals to sweeten their interest. These types of offers will get your users more engaged on email and social media.

Note: If you use social media, make sure to constantly ask questions and promote your products. And think about sending your readers a poll to gauge your performance!

8. Spelling matters
This is a big one. Make sure your spelling is correct. It’s such a simple tip, but it goes a long way. Having something misspelled on your site, let alone an email, can turn your reader away from respecting you as a viable resource.

Next Post: Part 3

Thanks for reading! Now that you’ve figured out what content to put in your email, it’s time to discuss subject lines & sending your email blast. Check back next week or subscribe to this blog for the next part of this post.